Segoma Imaging

Founded in 2012, Segoma was founded by three entrepreneurs with a common goal: To revolutionize the diamond industry by providing innovative display technologies that optimizes the manufacture, trading and sales of diamonds across the world.

Segoma’s three-dimensional photography machines accurately capture a diamond’s unique characteristics from every possible angle, creating a seamless magnified viewing experience. These images are also incorporated into Segoma’s back-end trading network, which connects manufactures, retailer and consumers across the diamond industry. This process offers members and clients increased exposure, shorter lead times, and significant cost reductions.

Segoma laboratories are located within the world’s primary diamond districts – Mumbai, New York, and Ramat Gan – which enables diamonds to be delivered and returned within 2 business days.

Segoma images has become the industry standard for determining quality and clarity, and have replaced the need to inspect a diamond in person before executing a transaction.