James Allen

Founded in 2006, James Allen was built on a simple and firm commitment: to provide the highest quality bridal jewelry at an exceptional value with complete transparency.

James Allen has changed the way diamonds are sold online. Almost every bridal retailer operates under the same basic assumption: diamonds are a commodity that can be sold online with just a grading certificate. Not James Allen. After all, people in the industry never buy diamonds based on just a certificate – they always demand to see a diamond before they can assess it beauty and price. If experts won’t buy a diamond without seeing it first, why should customers have to?

That is why James Allen partnered with Segoma to developed proprietary Diamond Display Technology™. Now customers can see any diamond on James Allen in 360° HD, and experience its beauty, sparkle, shape, and color from the comfort of home.

If shoppers have any questions, or simply want someone to talk to, James Allen’s team of diamond experts is available around the clock.

Over the years, James Allen has grown from a humble online engagement ring retailer into a leading international bridal jewelry brand. They started with only a small selection of engagement rings, and now they offer over 40,000 engagement ring settings, diamonds, fancy color diamonds, and unique gemstones.

Buying an engagement ring is a precious occasion. Couples in love should have all the advantages when making a purchase that brings a lifetime of happiness.